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Artists for New York : Laser Concert and Disco

February 28, 1979 : Xenon, 124 West 43rd Street, New York

Poster from Artists for New York at Xenon

Poster for Artists For New York

​E.A.T. organized a benefit evening on February 28, 1979, at the discotheque Xenon as a benefit event for the Institute for Art and Urban Resources, headed by Alanna Heiss, one of whose projects was PS1 Contemporary Art Center in Queens, NY founded in 1976. The evening would feature a concert by David Tudor and Lowell Cross with sound and images from the laser deflection system, a sound-activated laser display system developed by Cross with Carson Jeffries and Tudor


James Rosenquist offered to make a poster for the event. Mimi Gross made Name Drop, a large curtain with names of the artists supporting the evening. Richard Haymes designed the invitation and program that included all the names of the artists supporting the benefit event.

The laser concert was cut short when the water filter circulating water to Cross's laser became clogged, and the laser shut down. Tudor returned to Xenon the following day and recorded several performances of his work using the sound setup he had for the concert, using as input recordings he had made ten years earlier when in residence at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. 


In 2021 E.A.T. AND TOPOS in Denmark released Monobirds, a set of two vinyl records containing Tudor's Xenon recording and the input tapes he had made in Ahmedabad.


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