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E.A.T. Exhibitions in Museums


Installation view from E.A.T. (Experiments in Art and Technology): Open-ended, in Seoul, Korea

In 2003, Fujiko Nakaya worked with curators at NTT Intercommunication Center (ICC) in Tokyo to organize an exhibition on E.A.T.  held from April 11 to June 29. Billy Klüver traveled to Tokyo and participated in a panel discussion during the opening days of the exhibition. Klüver’s documentary exhibition, The Story of E.A.T. was translated into Japanese and installed with objects of E.A.T. history. The exhibition also included E.A.T. posters, publications and ephemera, as well as works of art that Klüver and E.A.T. were involved in: Floats by Robert Breer, Solstice by Robert Rauschenberg; Dressing Room Table by Robert Whitman; Silver Clouds by Andy Warhol and a Fog installation by Fujiko Nakaya. A catalogue in English and Japanese was produced.

An E.A.T. exhibition curated by Marianne Hultman, was held at the Norrkoping Konstmuseum Art in Norrkoping, Sweden, in September 2004. It was titled Teknologi for livet (Technology for Life),  This was a reference to an article Billy Klüver had written in 1966 for  Konstrevy, a leading Swedish art magazine, his first article where he discussed art and engineering. The exhibition included a showing of The Story of E.A.T. as well as the prints by thirty New York artists from the New York Collection for Stockholm Portfolio. The exhibition also included  drawings, remnants and film from Homage to New York by Jean Tinguely; Hans Haacke,  Andy Warhol, Silver Clouds, Robert Whitman, Wavy Red Line.  Forrest Myers, Moon Museum,  Robert Breer, Rider Float, as well as examples of publications by E.A.T.


Fujiko Nakaya created a Fog Sculpture in a fountain in the garden of the museum; and she and Robert Whitman collaborated on a performance of fog and images for the opening of the exhibition. There were screenings of  animated films by Robert Breer and of some of the films on the 9 Evenings: Theatre & Engineering. A book/catalog, Teknologi for livet,  was published by Shultz Forlag for the  exhibition.

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