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Paris Biennale for Young Artists


Ant Farm paris biennale.jpg

Ant Farm Submission to E.A.T. for Sixth Paris Biennale.

E. A. T. was invited by the Smithsonian Institution to organize part of the United States' contribution to the 6th Paris Biennale for Young Artists to be held at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, October 2 to November 2,1969.


In those years a large number of young people from different professions formed groups outside the established art world. They experimented and worked with architectural and environmental forms based on the way in which the individual interacts with the environment. We invited all groups that had been in touch with us to participate. Three groups agreed: Ant Farm, Houston, Texas; Envirolab, Los Angeles, California; and Domeworks, Corrales, New Mexico. E.A.T. staff member Peter Poole worked with these organizations to collect from them models and presentations of environmental works that formed the E.A.T. contribution.

Ant Farm sent a time capsule, the Electronic Oasis sculpture - a cardboard box mounted on a plywood platform, containing souvenirs of the 1969 moon landing, and Texas cowboy artifacts.

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