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Some More Beginnings

November 25, 1968 - January 5, 1969
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY

Catalogue cover for the Brooklyn Museum show

Catalogue cover for Some More Beginnings.

The E.A.T. competition had generated more than 140 submissions and the in the summer of 1968 it was decided that all the works submitted would be exhibited to show a representative cross-section of works which resulted from collaboration between the art world and the technical community. The Brooklyn Museum offered space and artist and engineer members of E.A.T. volunteered time to set up the exhibition. Some More Beginnings: Experiments in Art and Technology, opened on November 24, 1968 and ran from November 25, 1968 to January 5, 1969.   More than 18,000 people visited the exhibition. The public, in particular young people from the local area, responded enthusiastically, becoming very involved in the pieces with which they could interact.

Manfred Schroeder, a scientist at Bell Laboratories, created a computer-processed photo of the facade of the Brooklyn Museum, using as ‘pixels’ the letters spelling out the title, dates, and location information about the exhibition. This image was used for the cover of the catalogue.

The catalogue itself was designed by Billy Klüver, Julie Martin, and Robert Rauschenberg and contains two entries for each of the 145 works: a photograph with usual museum caption, and another pale grey photograph on which is imposed a technical description of the work. The photographs were laid out randomly to fill a long 17-inch tall scroll, that was cut every 11 inches to form a page, and the pages printed sequentially on a large Web press at Tandem Press in Denville, New Jersey.


Catalogue Description

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