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Opal Loop : Trisha Brown and Fujiko Nakaya
Consulting Engineer : Billy Klüver

Opal Loop with fog on stage

Performance of Opal Loop.

E.A.T. supervised the testing and installation of a Cloud Sculpture by Fujiko Nakaya as a set for the dance  Opal Loop, for Trisha Brown Dance Company. In 1980 Trisha Brown asked Nakaya to make a set for a new dance, Opal Loop. Nakaya designed a system for making a stage of fog for the dance, the volume and movement of the fog were controlled by turning sets of nozzles off and on to create convection currents. The dance was first performed in an former DC power station on Lafayette Street in Manhattan.

Later Brown included Opal Loop in her program at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. Billy Klüver and his neighbors built a replica of the Brooklyn stage in his backyard and tested the fog system before moving into the theater. Since the dancers could not dance on a wet Marley floor, E.A.T. rented a large gas-driven heat blower, used in football stadium dugouts, and put it underneath the stage to raise the temperature of the floor so the fog droplets evaporated immediately, keeping the floor dry.

Astral Convertible : Trisha Brown and Robert Rauschenberg
Engineer : Per Biorn      
Consulting Engineer : Billy Klüver

Trisha Brown, Astral Converted

Performance of Astral Convertible.

In 1989 Trisha Brown asked Bob Rauschenberg for a set for  her dance Astral Convertible, to be performed in an outdoor space. Rauschenberg and Klüver discussed the artist's idea for a set that did not need to plugged-in and could provide light and sound for the dance in any environment, in particular outdoor environments, and would be interactive with the dancers. Klüver brought engineer Per Biorn into the collaboration. Biorn designed the system and built open towers on wheels in which battery-powered motorcycle headlights on the towers faced photocells on other towers so that the lights, and sound from battery powered  tape recorders also located on the towers, were turned off and on as the dancers moved among the towers

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