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Yvonne Rainer : At My Body's House
Engineers : Billy Klüver, Harold Hodges


Yvonne Rainer performing

Yvonne Rainer performing At My Body’s House in 1964. Photo: Peter Moore

In the early 1960’s dancers became interested in relating body movements or functions to sound as they danced. Billy Klüver's assistant at Bell Labs, Harold Hodges made a small FM transmitter for Yvonne Rainer which which she wore attached to her belt. A contact microphone on her throat picked up the sound of her breathing as she danced. The transmitter relayed the sound to a speaker. At My Body's House was originally performed at Moderna Museet, in Stockholm, as part of the Five New York Evenings organized by Pontus Hultén and was part of the evenings called An Evening of Talking and Dancing which included the the work of both Yvonne Rainer and Bob Morris.

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