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October 13 - 23, 1966

Audience walking through Steve Paxton's structure during 9 Evenings

Steve Paxton:Physical Things
Performance Engineer:Dick Wolff

Robert Rauschenberg's 'Open Score' with Mimi Kanarek playing tennis with Frank Stella on the Armory floor.

Robert Rauschenberg:Open Score
Performance Engineer:Jim McGee

Lucinda Childs performing during 'Vehicle'.

Lucinda Childs:Vehicle
Performance Engineer:Peter Hirsch

9edtoverj cropped.jpg

David Tudor:Bandoneon !
Performance Engineer:Fred Waldhauer

Cage 9E cover photo cropped exact small_

John Cage:Variations VII
Performance Engineer:Cecil Coker

Yvonne Rainer with a walkie talkie, in the balcony, during the performance of 'Carriage Discreteness'.

Yvonne Rainer:Carriage Discreteness
Performance Engineer:Per Biorn

Alex Hay projected onto a screen behind during 9 Evenings.

Alex Hay:Grass Field
Performance Engineer:Herb Schneider

Deborah Hay Solo

Deborah Hay:Solo
Performance Engineer:Larry Heilos

Robert Whitman's 'Two Holes of Water-3' with cars on the armory floor.

Robert Whitman:Two Holes of Water-3
Performance Engineer:Robby Robinson

Öyvind Fahlström's piece with the head of Johnson and performers in white shirts.

Öyvind Fahlström:Kisses Sweeter than Wine
Performance Engineer:Harold Hodges

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