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E.A.T. group in front of the Pavilion

This photograph was taken on March 15, the opening day of Expo ‘70, as everyone climbed onto the entrance tunnel for a group portrait.

About three million people visited the Pavilion during the course of Expo ‘70. Ardison Phillips calculated that the average visitor spent 23 minutes in the Pavilion, longer than any other pavilion. As a matter of fact, we once saw a Japanese family sitting on the astroturf peacefully having their lunch.

In the above photo, from left: Franny Breer, David Tudor, Julie Martin, Jackie Serwer, Bob Whitman (partially obscured), Ardison Phillips, Fujiko Nakaya, Frosty Myers, Dore Weiner, Sachiko Tamai, John Ryde, Carla Harrison, Gordon Garmire, Robert Breer, Lori Van’t Slot, Harry Harper, Billy Klüver, Remy Charlip, Barbara Rose, Lowell Van’t Slot, Howard Chesney, Fred Waldhauer, Eric Saarinen, Larry Owens, Peter Poole, John Pearce. Sitting: Maja Klüver, Olga Klüver, Tom Mee, Elsa Garmire, Sig Stenlund.


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