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Pavilion Interior

On the ground floor of the Pavilion, was the Clam Room, a darkened space with a concave floor, light from the floor above filtered through a large glass window in the ceiling. The Laser Deflection System, designed by Lowell Cross and activated with sound by David Tudor, was located in the ceiling and created moving patterns of colored lines of laser light on the floor of the Clam Room.

The main floor of the Pavilion was a large dome-shaped space that housed a large Mirror Dome that created spherical images of the floor and the visitors as they moved around the space. Visitors listened through handsets to the sounds emitted from the different floor surfaces, and experienced the overall light and sound ‘performances’ programmed or performed live by different artists.

Clam Room_RL990.jpg

Laser Deflection System

Pav Ritty in Mirror2.jpg

Mirror Dome

Mirror Floor sm.jpg


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